How to access your work PC desktop from home using Remote Desktop

OBIS have recently made some changes that will allow staff to connect to their work PC desktop from a PC or Mac away from the University.

If you want to connect in this way, for example from home, these are the instructions you will need to follow:

1) Email the Service Desk asking to be setup for Remote Desktop from home. They will need your office number, what domain you usually logon to, ie. BrookesF or BrookesMIS and details of the PC to which you want to connect (eg. IP address -, Machine Name).

2) A Service Desk Operative will be assigned to make a small change to your office PC.

3) The Service Desk Operative will then email you a file called 'MyDesktop' to install on your home computer.

4) When you are at home, download this file and save it to your desktop.

5) When you want to connect to your work PC, double click on the 'MyDesktop' icon (clearly your work PC needs to be switched on and ideally not in power save mode) and click Connect

6) Insert your normal Username (prefixed by brookesmis\ or brookesf\ depending if you normally login to Brookesmis or Brookesf (e.g. brookesf\p00XXXXX)), and your login password. (If you get a message saying 'The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?' click Yes). You will connect to your work PC!

7) When you are finished working, you may log off or disconnect. There is no option to shutdown. In order to shutdown your work PC, do this: For Windows XP, click Start, Run, type 'cmd' and click OK . Type 'shutdown -s' to shutdown. For Windows 7, click Start and type 'cmd' in the 'Search programs and files' box. Type 'shutdown -s' to shutdown. (make sure you are doing this in the remote window or you will shut down your home computer!).

You cannot connect to a work Mac from home
If you have a Mac at home and wish to connect to your work PC, then an application needs to be purchased (e.g.