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    Oxford Brookes Information Solutions (OBIS) is the directorate providing, managing and supporting the University's IT Services and infrastructure for all staff and students.

    On this page you will find all the information you need to access the IT Services that you will use daily while at Brookes. Whether its to get online using a wired broadband connection in Halls or the University wireless, using Google Apps for Mail, Calendar, Docs and Social Media, IT Training, finding a Brookes PC to use, purchasing some IT equipment or printing...its all here!

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    Heartbleed and changing your passwords


    You may have seen recent news reports of a new IT security vulnerability called 'Heartbleed'.  For example this BBC News story.The software with the problem (OpenSSL) is widely used and many internet services have been affected world-wide. Some University systems also use this software and have therefore been potentially open to attack. All affected systems and services were patched, had new certificates generated and installed, and old certificates revoked by 10/04/14.

    Now that our systems have been patched, all users, staff and student alike, are asked to change their passwords via PIP.

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    Power Saving Software on Brookes PCs and in Lecture Theatres

    You may have noticed a little yellow symbol in the task bar on your desktop, this is the new power saving software that will send your screen to sleep after 15 minutes. Read more about this change here

    AppGrad - message for our students

    You may have seen adverts for a mobile app which claims to connect you in one place to all of your university relevant information. The app is called AppGrad. Please be aware that AppGrad is not an Oxford Brookes app and it is not recommended for use by Brookes students. It does not give you access to anything which you cannot already access with your normal browser. The most significant concern is that it needs your username and password to work. As per the University's IT regulations

     you should not disclose your credentials (username and password) to anyone else. It may also be possible for AppGrad to access other private information on your mobile. So...

    1. Do not disclose your username and password to anyone

    2. Do take a look at the Brookes mobile apps:

    3. Do get in touch with OBIS if you have any concerns about the security of your data:

    Lecture Capture

    The ability to record or live stream your lectures is now on offer in the Main Lecture Theatre, Headington. New AV kit has been installed so that, at the touch of a button, your lecture will be captured on film, alongside any slides you may be showing. Please visit the Lecture Capture tab on the left for more details.