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    What is Google@Brookes?

    Google@Brookes is based on Google Apps Education Edition and supplied under contract as a service to Brookes by Google. It includes a number of applications (Apps) that are available to staff and students.

    Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Drive (where you create and store your Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets etc.)

    YOUR TIMETABLE CAN NOW BE VIEWED IN YOUR GOOGLE CALENDAR. Read more here. Colleagues can view and add module timetables to their Google calendars by following the simple steps below:

    Added Security

    If your email or documents are likely to contain any sensitive University or personal information you are advised to activate the Google "2-step verification" feature which adds an extra layer of security to your account. You will find this feature in your Google Account Settings. Its important to think about who might see any information, such as emails or documents in Google@Brookes. The only means by which others can legitimately gain access to your information is through regulatory and legal means as set out in the Terms of Use. A more serious risk to confidentiality is if you share documents by mistake in ways that you did not intend. Make sure that you understand how sharing works and if in doubt, seek advice from IT staff.